The Physical game:

One of the most common issues that we see in our students is the over use of upper body muscles being used when they bowl, we call this the push-pull-throw technique, it is very difficult to repeat shots when we are manipulating the process with our upper body. Bowling in its simplest form is nothing more than allowing the ball to fall into the swing, walking past it, and then keeping our feet fast enough to stay ahead of it. The key here is the use of the large muscles in our legs to help us control an object that can be as heavy as 16 pounds. When we use our legs to gain momentum it allows our swing to free up as we will not need to create the ball speed with our arm and also allows for a more effective release. Next time you go out to practice, try moving back even 6 inches from your normal set-up, and then try to allow the ball to fall into your swing a little sooner, and get those legs working for you!


As Coaches, we work with students that have limitations, from bad knees, hips, backs, etc. We always work with each person based on their physicality, but we are also interested in helping our students prevent injury. We are excited to have partnered with Heather D'Errico at Bowlfit.com because we believe that she has what it takes to help people like yourself, through preventative maintenance that physical fitness can offer. Strengthening your core and legs muscles are especially important to our sport. Heather will provide a very structured program for you to follow, from a 4 week start-up for beginners, to the most advanced level of fitness. The advantage for you is that Heather has developed her fitness and weight training programs for bowlers of all ages.
To get started check out the Bowlfit.com link!

The Release:

Many people that work with us want to improve on their ball roll. The great majority seems to believe that it takes great strength to create a powerful release. That thought could not be further from the truth. Many people try to lift through the ball to create hook, and before the addition of reactive cover stocks and dynamic weight blocks into bowling balls that actually was an acceptable application, not today. There are some great videos on you tube that breakdown the modern release, they will show you that the best players in the world release the ball "into" the lane. Right before the release point they actually relax their wrist which allows for a greater hand speed, the trick is to separate the hands acceleration from the arm swing, most amateurs will tend to keep the two connected. To prove this idea try to apply an underhand spiral to a football, with a stiff wrist, and then with a relaxed wrist. You will easily find out the truth for yourself.

The Back Swing:

So many kids and young adults that we work with today are trying to bowl with a higher backswing and that is fine if we are doing it correctly. The issues that we see most often is that it leads our students to having to pull too much from the top of their swing. Here are a few things to check for:

Noticeable hesitation or deceleration in the footwork, especially in at the finishing steps

Players must accommodate the length of the swing by introducing the ball earlier to allow fluidity with the swing and the footwork to effectively build power and efficiency.

A weak release

Many people believe that they are more powerful with this higher backswing, yet struggle with a weaker release because they pull the ball down so much from the top of the swing that their wrist breaks or becomes so stiff or firm from pulling so hard that they cannot attain the effective hand speed that needs to be created by being relaxed enough at the point of release.

Creating power with your legs and with your release is a good thing in our sport but only if we can have control over it!

The Mental game:

As with other sports, the Mental game is equally important in Bowling. Practicing on your technique will not be enough for you to achieve maximum performance, even the most skilled bowler needs to perform with a high level of focus The key to this level of concentration is to always be in the Here and Now. It is important to keep your emotions in check, to be able to accept the circumstances that you cannot change. We all know that dealing with emotions can be a double edged sword that we all have to deal with, but the player with a good positive attitude will definitely see results that are more satisfactory over time.

Goal setting:

Goal setting cannot be deterred by how far in the future it may take, or how difficult it will be, to achieve your dream. Your ability to reach a successful outcome will come down to the attitude you take, as obstacles will inevitably appear on the road to reaching these goals You must be more aware of your thoughts and emotions and how they affect your play. Avoid any negative or non-productive thinking, replace that instead with more optimistic ones.

Just a few examples:

Negative: I never bowl good on this oil pattern! Positive: I know that it is a very challenging shot, but I will still figure out how to bowl well today!

Negative: I hope I don't need to throw a strike in the 10th to win! Positive: Just give me a chance so that I can strike out to win!

Seeing is Believing:

Many of us realize that positive thoughts help to produce a positive outcome, when getting up in the tenth frame and needing a strike to win, this same "golden rule" applies. So, how do we best prepare ourselves for a stressful situation? The next time that you go out and practice, you need to "Role Play" this "opportunity" to become more familiar with the challenge because seeing, is believing! The last thought before our shot has to be without doubt, a positive one. When we prepare for our shot we must convince ourselves that we have made the right decision. You have thrown a strike many times so knowing that, should help you believe that you can do it at any time. The key is that you must believe in yourself and not be afraid of winning!


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