How Bowling Revolutions was born?

Amleto Monacelli and Bob Learn Jr. have been great friends for over 30 years and during that time have been seen on TV by millions of bowling fans. Their shared passion for the sport has brought them together here at Bowling Revolutions! Their vision is to bring opportunities to those who are interested in taking their bowling game to the highest level, they will travel all over the world, hosting clinics to teach all aspects of the sport, they will also offer personal one on one instruction for bowlers at any level.

Bowling Revolutions is located in Southeastern Florida, Bob is residing in Lantana and Amleto lives in Aventura, so come and see them for your next lesson!

Mission Statement:

Using Life Experience, Passion, and Advanced Coaching Strategies to grow the sport of Bowling!

At Bowling Revolutions, we possess the highest level of passion for the sport of bowling. We are active players and we know the keys to take bowling to the highest level of performance.

Our knowledge is complete in what a player needs to do to achieve greatness and our program will teach you how to accomplish the proper techniques in a simple and effective way, allowing you to perform at the highest level. We believe in enhancing YOUR game, and as long as your commitment to practice is a priority, you can feel comfortable with any change in a relatively short period of time. We can also advise you with a personalized training routine suitable to your physical condition and age, this includes important tips about proper nutrition for your body to retain energy, shorten periods of fatigue, to increase your overall performance.

Bowling Revolutions will also help you to learn more about the most important aspect to great performance (national teams, active professional athletes, etc.) which is the mental game. In a practical and innovative way, we will supply tips and exercises for entering into the "zone", which is vital to having clarity in your thoughts and leading to improvement on the decisions that you make. The key to this level of concentration is to always to be in the "Here and Now", or what Amleto likes to call "VIPASSANA", which means to have a Clear Vision, to being alert to what is happening on the lanes (transition) and in being more conscious and in control of your emotions, enabling you to perform better during difficult situations and leading you to a greater level of achievement.

Bowlers who live the experience of training with Bowling Revolutions will gain a different bowling perspective. Our goal is to start youth bowling with disciplines that will help them to grow and develop, as fitness is the key to being a great player who is focused on longevity in our sport. Many of you have a dream and for that dream to be realized, we have to be physically and mentally healthy. Bowling Revolutions would like the opportunity to give as many bowlers as possible, the tools needed to achieve their dreams.


Juego Físico / Movimiento de la bola y Trabajo en Pistas

31 de Marzo y 1ro de Abril

Bol Tangamanga
11:00 a.m. - 16:00 p.m.
Plaza Gigante Tangamanga Local 31 D-4

Learning the Modern Game

May 4th

Farmingdale Lanes
15:00 pm. - 19:00 p.m.
999 Conklin St. Farmingdale, NY 11735